Monday, May 21, 2012

Farmer's Wife Quilt

The Northeast Iowas Quilt Guild has been working on the Farmer's Wife Quilt.  I finished quilting Carolyn's quilt today.  It is wonderful!

This is a full view of the quilt. 

All the blocks in the border were 6 inch blocks set on  point.  I quilted a crosshatching in each of the blocks and a feather in the setting triangles.

This is the center of the quilt.  Each of these blocks measures at 3 inches.  I did a crosshatching in each of these tiny blocks to make it a mini of the 6 inch blocks.

This shows the crosshatching in the blocks.  The sashing strips and squares each have an X sewn through them.  The quilt has wool batting so there the quilting definition shows nicely on the actual quilt.

The setting triangles in the "mini" part of the center is quilted with a small feather triangle.

Carolyn has made an heirloom quilt.  It is beautiful.

Happy Quilting.  Barb


Baker_ia said...

Wow it does look good though a lot of the ones from show and tell were wonderful

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Beautiful! I love the little feather quilting you did in the triangles. Have a super day!