Saturday, April 18, 2009

News from Kim's Crafty Apple

The end of my week has been full of some fairly fabulous news (other than the newly caught cold and sore throat...but I'll get over that!). Just wanted to share some of it with you!

First, Scott, from the Poynette Press/DeForest Times came out on Thursday and did an interview with me and took pictures for a story on for the paper. I'm very excited to see how that comes out! Publicity, publicity, publicity.

Then, I found out that my Patchwork Corduroy Quilt WON the etsyBABY story time challenge!

And to top it off - my Spring Flowers - Pastels Quilt was chosen by one of the editors of the FaveCraftsBlog to be featured in one of their blog articles!

I also just found out today that my Patchwork Corduroy Quilt was featured on this blog:

My other big news this week is that I have decided to split my KimsCraftyApple Store into two stores. I am in the processs of moving all of my Jewelry to a new store called theApple. I hope you keep an eye on it for the next few weeks as it continues to grow and improve. Also remember I am happy to do custom orders on jewelry, hand-dyes or quilts. If you like my style but aren't seeing exactly what you have in mind...convo me and I'll see what I can do!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Remember the Scrappy Pineapple?

I recently downloaded Picasa 3, a picture organizing software, onto my computer. Now, I am not a computer guru by any means but this is one software I may try to learn. Anyway, to get to my point.........

I ran across my Scrappy Pineapple from our very first Quilt Retreat Getaway Weekend in 2003 at Sugar Creek. I had forgotten how much I loved this quilt!

At the time of the 2003 retreat, I was also teaching a quite a few quilt classes. I made this quilt as an example of using scraps and also the value of colors. When you have a pattern that calls for lights, mediums and darks, the values are all relative to their neighboring fabrics and colors. None of the fabrics in the body of this quilt would be considered "dark" by most standards BUT in relationship to the other fabrics in the quilt they are dark.

It is fun to make a "neutral" quilt. My neutral bin of scrap fabrics is always so full I am lucky to be able to get the lid on it. We use so many neutrals in our quilts that we always have small pieces left over. Experiment; challenge yourself to make a quilt or small tabletopper with all neutrals.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I finally finished up the first project I made from the retreat book for this fall. It had been hanging on my design wall for a few weeks waiting for me to decide what it wanted next. I've found if I'm patient, the inspiration will come to me and this time was no exception.

I had lots of fun adding fibers from my collection. I arranged them in curving lines and in circles and stitched them down by machine. I added a few circles just using my machine by pulling 2 different threads through my machine at once and free form stitching in circles to make subtle echoes of the fiber circles.

I think it turned out pretty well. Not my usual style, but I always consider it a plus when I create something "outside my box". I like to encourage my students to try something outside their box, too. This fall's retreat would be a great time for you to try something really different.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quilts by Barb in the news...................

One of my quilts was highlighted in the Storque by guest curators, Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck of Lucky Dragons.

Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara (aka birdsofpreyLA) are Los Angeles-based artists working collaboratively in sound and performance as Lucky Dragons, drawing and design as Sumi Ink Club, and an open field of other ideas as Glaciers of Nice.

Our aesthetic plays with ways of connecting high and low technology as a means towards fostering creative social equality — as well as the mystical power of everyday people, places, and things.

Bargello Trip Around the World

Sarah: As someone who is frequently on the road, I love to come home to my own bed, piled with an array of colorful handmade quilts. The visual allusions to DNA, pixelation, and outer space imagery that come together in this quilt are truly mind-blowing. What could be better than curling up to read under this techno-color quilt aptly named "Trip Around the World"? I am deeply envious of anyone with a quilt like this. By Quiltsbybarb, $350.

View Item | View Shop

To ready the complete story, visit Etsy.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Time to Vote again!

This time for the EtsyBABY Story Book Challenge!

Here's the email I received regarding this fun April challenge:

Dear EtsyBABY members,
It's challenge time! We want you to tell us a story using your favorite crafting medium!
You may list as many as you want but only 1 entry will be eligible for the poll. The winner will get official bragging rights,lol.

Here are the following details to participate in the Story Time Challenge:

A. Design an item to be listed in your shop that tells/interprets an original or classic or modern story.

B. All Items should be listed by the 1st of April.

C. Include in the title listing : EtsyBABY Story Time Team Challenge. Write in either the title or the listing body what the name of the book or story is...

D. Add the following tag to the listing: "EBST"

E. A poll to vote for your favorite "EtsyBABY Story Time" item will be available on April 4th and will end on April 30th.
All Etsybaby members can vote just once.

F: The use of licensed materials (ie Disney, Olivia, Dick and Jane) is prohibited

Please take the opportunity to use this for a treasury and to further promote the team and the challenge.

Thanks and GOOD LUCK!
Anna - EtsyBABY Moderator
Jen - EtsyBABY Team Leader

AND NOW here are the entries for this month's challenge! Not quite as many as the Spring Fling Challenge but some amazing work was done!

I will start out the 'show' of the entries with my own..."Patchwork Corduroy Quilt."
This quilt was inspired by the book 'Corduroy' by Don Freeman for the EtsyBABY Story Time Team Challenge.A patchwork blue, green and brown base make up the main part of the quilt. Light blue faux bois fabric borders this patchwork. 'Corduroy' is made from brown suede and some upcycled cordoroy's. Black buttons make up his eyes and two green buttons are for his overalls (one is 'lost' in the quilt). It is perfect for a little boy or girl...they will love the different textures! The buttons are securely sewn on using extra strong thread (quilting thread). I quilted a random pattern throughout the quilt and appliqued the bear on. My signature fancy stitch border is also quilted on.

TadpoleCreations enter her "The Little Mermaid Lap Tee or Onesie".

The TrendyTot entered 'Elmer, the Patchwork Elephant Long Sleeve T-shirt' into the challenge.

AmyRoseDesigns entered a Captain Underpants Super Hero Cape into the Challenge!

LemonDropBaby created this 'Blue Whale' onesie:

Baby Boots - Little Red Riding Hood were created by Charliemac1000.

Daisy Creek created this: A Bad Case of the Stripes Fun, Twirly Dress and Book Set for the team challenge:
ImogensGarden created Alexander a Waldorf-inspired doll for the etsyBABY Story Book Challenge.
LuLusWoobies was inspired by Dr. Suess' Fox in Sox!

AlamodeFabric made a Giving Tree Wall Art for her challenge entry.

Love Forever Wall Hanging and Photo Frame is LYIS's entry into the challenge.

New Girls Boutique CIRCUS Merry-Go-Round Pants Set Peasant Petal Tie Top and Ruffle Pants was made by RozzisSweetPeas

ZadyBall created this Where The Wild Things Are - Monster -

CandyStickLane The Hat Gift Set

BloomHillBaby Cow Over Moon Baby Bib

TweedleBee's The Little Red Hen -- Plush Toy or Pillow with Jingle Bells

And that concludes the entry for this month's challenge! I hope you take a few minutes to go to to and vote for your favorite entry!