Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thread Painting on a Landscape Quilt

I have had this beautiful Wyoming landscape quilt for a while and was a little nervous about working on it.  It was very stiff through the middle of the quilt because of the amount of fusible that was used during quilt construction.

I loaded the backing, then a layer of a fairly stiff stabilizer and then a thin layer of polyester batting and then the quilt top.  This really works nice.  There was no stiffness in the edges, the sky and the border and the stabilizer will help this quilt to hang as flat as a picture.

Leigh did a beautiful job of fabric selection when making this quilt.  Here you can see a close up of some of the rocks and the different blues in the water.  I did a flowing meander for all the water.  I outlined with different brown threads on the rocks.

i did a lot of thread painting, fairly dense, on some of the pine trees and a little looser on the lighter green area.  I did a raw edge applique straight stitch around all the pieces so none will ever come loose. 

I started by using invisible thread and basted the edges all flat and top stitched in the ditch around the borders.  I stitched in the ditch around some of the applique to keep everything square before I started the heavy thread painting. 

I stitched the wood bark on the tree trunk and you can see some of my stitching on the rocks by the tree.  I used four wavy lines in the border.  I wanted to keep a consistent amount of quilting but didn't really want my quilting to show in the border.

I really had fun with the snow capped mountain.  I started by just outlining the detailing and kept the white flowing.  I used a purple variegated thread for the mountain top and it really worked great.

This quilt turned out far better than I even hoped.  It is going to hang as flat as a picture and to me that is the number one requirement for a landscape quilt.

I still have one more of Leigh's landscapes left to quilt.  After this quilt, I am excited to complete the "Forest Landscape."

Happy Quilting! 


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