Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sampler Quilt

Today I finished a small sampler.  Mary didn't want to spend the money on custom quilting for this quilt.  I think our solution for Design Quilting is fantastic.

Mary set her quilt with a pieced block and then a red print plain block.  We choose an overall curlque design for the quilt.

For thread, we used a medium gold thread.  This is my most used thread color as it blends beautifully with both the pieced blocks and the plain block.  It doesn't distract from either block.

Another close up a block.

And here is a picture of the full quilt.  Mary added a matching border to the blocks set on point so the blocks "float on the red."  This is a great setting for sampler quilt.

Great job, Mary.

Happy Quilting


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