Saturday, June 6, 2009

What Can I make with Dyed Fabrics? (Quilts)

Are you considering attending the upcoming Fabric Dyeing Workshop at Lapacek’s Orchard (June 20th, 2009) but are unsure about what you can do once you have all of this gorgeous hand-dyed fabric in your possession? I am about to show you LOTS of examples of quilts we’ve created using our hand-dyes!


Above is just a few of the fabrics that I dyed one morning with Diane. I took pictures of them because I was going to be using some of them in a quilt I was working on.

il_430xN_69303120I really like to use a combination of commercial and hand-dyed fabrics in my work. I really think it adds another dimension to the piece. In the above ‘Where’s the Point – Firework’s’ Quilt I used a yellow and red fabric that I had hand-dyed.

016In my Disappearing Dog Star Quilt many of the purples, pinks and teals are fabric that I hand-dyed.


The background of this Spring Flowers-Pastels is a piece of fabric that my mother-in-law, Diane hand-dyed (I’m not very good at pastels…Diane will show you that technique in a few weeks).


A fabulous piece of hand-dyed pink and orange hand-dye fabric inspired this beautiful Sunrise Curtain Quilt.


My sister-in-law, Karma, made this fabulous True Lover’s Knot quilt using a combination of hand-dyed fabric to compliment the fun swirly commercial print!

032 Hand Dyed Fabric works just FABULOUSLY for making Ricky Tims’ Convergence Quilts like the one pictured above.031

All of the fabric in this gorgeous Montana Star quilt by Diane was hand-dyed…aren’t the colors so rich?022 Diane also made this stunning log cabin quilt…using ALL hand-dyed fabrics.

057 This Jungle Quilt was made by Diane for my daughter Cedi and she mixed hand-dyes with commercial print to create this perfect quilt that my daughter will cherish for years!

024 I hand-dyed extremely long strips of fabric to create this one of a kind woven quilt.

Click HERE for more examples of items made with our own hand-dyed fabric.

In a few days I’ll share with you some other projects hand-dyed fabric can be used for! In the meantime, stop by to sign up for our fabric dyeing workshop before all the spaces fill up!

If you want to see an amazing blog of a past student check out: and her etsy shop Dye Candy. She learned some basics from Barb and Diane and she's taken it to another level! I'm very impressed with her work and creativity!