Tuesday, March 31, 2009

EtsyBABY Spring Fling Challenge

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share with everyone that I WON the etsyBABY Spring Fling Challenge! Thank you for all of your support :) I just found out today and it was pretty exciting news...over 500 people voted on 39 different entries! I win a free week of advertising on the etsybaby site :)



Monday, March 30, 2009

'In the Jungle' Quilt - Made by Diane, Quilted by Barb

In my January 7th blog on Kim's Crafty Apple, Welcome to the Jungle, I started to talk about the amazing quilt that my mother-in-law made for my first born, Cedi. I am now taking the time to show you, in detail, the incredible work that my mother-in-law, Diane, did with the construction of the quilt and the amazing job that my aunt-in-law, Barb, did on the quilting.

A significant portion of the fabric in this quilt was hand-dyed by my mother-in-law. We will be having a hand-dying workshop on June 2oth - go to http://www.lapaceksorchard.com/ to sign you and a friend up today!

The creatures on the quilt were appliqued on and then quilted with amazing texture. The
combined effort creates an almost three-dimensional look.

If you look at the picture above and below this paragraph you can see that Barb even quilted Cedi's name (Cedi Lapacek) into the background...how amazing is that!

Diane chose to do a crazy quilted border...using fabulous stitching patterns at different seams and a variety of fabulous thread. You can literally spend HOURS and HOURS looking at this quilt and see something each time.

When looking through the pictures, try to see how many different animals and flowers, and other unique patterns that Barb quilted into the background...

And just a few final close up pictures of this incredible quilt.

I would love to hear what your favorite part of this amazing quilt is!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sun Prairie Heritage Quilters Quilt Show - Sun Prairie

I just got back from visiting my quilts at the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilters Quilt Show! It was really fun to see my work hanging for everyone to admire (or not...). Here are some pictures from the show...

Joanne Reinhold from http://www.quiltingpathways.com/ was kind enough to take these pictures of me in front of my quilt! Her friend made her take the first one twice because, "she wasn't showing enough of the quilt"! Hilarious! Here's my Tutorial? for Woven Wonder that was posted on Quilting Gallery. You can also look at this blog post to read about the story behind it.

Here are some more of the quilts you can see if you go visit the show in the next few days:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on Barb's Etsy Site!

Yes, the rumors you heard are true...there are tons of new quilts, bags, patterns and signs up on Barb's Etsy Site! I know, how exciting!? I'll be giving a brief description of the newest listings...for more details or to purchase one for yourself please visit Barb's etsy site at http://www.quiltsbybarb.etsy.com/.

The first quilt I'm going to talk about is ...Flower Power. This quilt is just fabulous...it is a mixture of bright and colorful flannels, brown toned flannels and fun, whimsical teapot printed commercial cotton...what a fabulous combination!

The next one to your right is called the 'Mill Street Mystery Quilt'. Barb put this together for one of her past fall weekend retreats. I actually made one of these myself. It was a really fun project with fabulous results! If you never have put together a mystery quilt before I definitely recommend it. Initially you are told the types of fabrics you need (lights vs darks, etc.) and then you are given a new set of instructions each step of the way. The fabulous part is you don't know what you're making until you're almost done...that's the mystery!

Yes, Barb made the quilt your are seeing to the left...isn't it absolutely gorgeous!? Bargello Trip Around the World has caught many people's eyes and has had 689 views since it's initial listing on February 14th. If you love this quilt I wouldn't wait too long to snatch it up!

If you are always cold in the car the Cozy Car Lap Quilt is perfect for you! I know when I was younger my parents always had it so cold while driving and I would regret it if I forgot to grab a blanket for the journey. This quilt is perfect for keeping you warm with it's mixture of fleece and corduroy!

The quilt to the left is a True Miniature Rag Quilt and was made on a reduced scale of 4:1. It's gorgeous!
Barb used a combination of recycled clothing to create this fabulous Red and Black Upcycled Purse. This would go perfecting with your 'LBD' (little black dress) or even with jeans and a nice shirt!
Looking for something fabulous for your wall? Well, look no farther! Flash of Fire is absolutely stunning with it's convergence background and then layering of fabrics to create a fire look. To finish off the look, gold beads embellish the flames! And of course...the quilting is amazing!

Another beautiful lap quilt to cozy up and read a book with would be Barb's Rainbow Rail Fence. All the fabric was hand-dyed and I feel that it almost has a 'suede-y' look. It is a classic, one-of-a-kind quilt.

Today I've highlighted a few of Barb's newest listings in her etsy shop. I hope you decide to go and look and see what else she has to offer. I think when she returns from her trip to Mexico, a few more items may be going up as well. I'll keep you posted! Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 16, 2009

2000 Quilt Retreat Extra Day

The extra day at the 2009 Quilt Retreat Getaway Weekend is a go. We have enough signed up.

This is just a reminder that the cost of the extra day is $25 if paid in full by April 1, 2009. After April 1, 2009, the price for the extra sewing time is $35. You may either send me a check at Quilts by Barb, 421 Mill St, Bloomington, WI 53804 or go to 2009 Quilt Retreat and at the bottom of the page there is a link to pay by credit card.

Yes, we still have openings for the 2009 Retreat.

Questions? Email me at Quiltsbybarb@tds.net or call me at608-994-2821.

We would love to have you join us.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kim's Crafty Apple GIVEAWAY!

The blog "New to this Whole Mommy Thing" has graciously done a feature on my shop and is including a giveaway of one of my fabulous pairs of earrings! Make sure you check it out and enter to win a fabulous pair!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vote for your FAVORITE EtsyBABY Spring Fling Challenge Item!

I recieved this email today and it solved my dilemma on what to write on my blog today!:

Good Morning EtsyBABY!!!

Today's the BIG DAY!!! It's time to cast your vote! The surprise is that now there will be 2 winners of the Spring Fling Challenge! We will vote as a team here in our forum: http://shopetsybaby.com/etsybabyforum/index.php?topic=696.0

AND now we can spread the word and have the PUBLIC participate in this event too! The winner of the PUBLIC Poll and our PRIVATE poll will each receive FREE EtsyBABY Ad Space!!!! Voting closes on both polls on March 30th!

... refer everyone to this link where they can vote! (only one vote per person, and please do not vote for yourself!, lol) http://shopetsybaby.com/SpringFling2009

I hope everyone had a great experience with our 1st team challenge! Good Luck!!!

EtsyBABY Team Leader

Here is a list to all THIRTY-EIGHT Entries (in no particular order)!


This is my entry for the 2009 EtsyBABY Spring Fling Challenge. I had the brighter Spring Flowers Quilt entered at first, but then I somehow managed to find the time to make this. I just love the pastels and the contrast in colors. I have decided to make a series of Spring Flower's Quilts. This one is called 'Spring Flowers - Pastels'. Next on the list is 'Spring Flowers - Retro.'











Make sure to vote for your favorite! http://shopetsybaby.com/SpringFling2009