Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bear Paw Quilt

Just thought I would share a few pictures of a wonderful quilt I just finished quilting this morning. 

This is a close up of the center.  I wish you could see the quilting but I just couldn't get it to show.  I used a modern feather design in the large center block and then cross hatched the rest of the center medallion.

The center was surrounded by a larger bear paw block.  I used the same modern feather pattern here.

The borders had a wonderful pieced diamond.  I used a coordinating modern feather in these and then crosshatched on the outsides of the diamonds.  Was very effective.

 Another corner shot.  This really shows the true colors of the quilt.

And a full length view of the entire quilt.  Nicely done, Connie!

Happy Quilting.