Friday, March 30, 2012

Mary Kay's Road to Retreat Quilt

Finished quilting this quilt this morning.  It was constructed by Mary Kay, starting at our 2011 Quilt Retreat Getaway Weekend.  Mary Kay is a fairly new quilter and did an excellent job.  The pattern was an original pattern by Diane Lapacek, our teacher for all our Quilt Retreat Getaway Weekends.

Close Up Picture

Get a load of that great pieced border!

A close up of the center of the quilt. 

 Great job by Mary Kay on the piecing and Diane on the designing.  I did "Bare Bones" quilting on the quilt and it looks great. 

Mary Kay got a 10% discount on the quilting.  This is a perk you get from attending our retreats.  All quilts started at our retreats from our retreat patterns get a discount on the quilting.

Just thought I would share another great quilt.


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