Sunday, March 18, 2012

Preparing a GOOD Quilt Backing

Quilt Backings

One of my most asked questions is, "How do I make a GOOD quilt backing?" I have this as a handout on my website but I thought I would also share it with you here.

Preparing the Backing for the Quilt

Measure finished length and width of quilt, through the middle. Write down both measurements.

  1. The completed quilt back will be 6 inches longer and 6 inches wider than the completed quilt top.
  2. Prepare backing material. Tear a piece from the end of your backing fabric to find the straight grain of the backing fabric. Measure lengthwise on backing fabric to the measurement of either the width or the length of your quilt top PLUS the 6 inches. Make a small snip along the selvage and TEAR across the width of the fabric. The backing may be pieced EITHER horizontally or vertically, it doesn’t matter. The only time this matters is if you have a one way design, then you should piece your backing so the design runs the proper way on the back of your quilt.
  3. Repeat step 3 until you have enough lengths to cover back of quilt top PLUS the additional 6 inches.
  4. Remove both selvages from all lengths. Press all lengths, using steam to remove the center crease.
  5. Pin together two of the lengths of fabric. Sew lengths together. Press the seams open. After pressing the seam open, turn your backing over to the right side of the fabric and press the seam from the front. This will make that seam lay perfectly both during quilting and after the quilt is finished. Repeat with 3rdlength of fabric if necessary.
  6. Measure across the width of the sewn together pieces. Snip at the necessary measurement. If the seams will be going crosswise on the back, this measurement will be the width PLUS 6 inches. Tear down length of fabric.

How simple is that? You now have your perfect quilt backing.

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