Monday, November 2, 2009

Preparing for the 2009 Quilt Retreat Getaway Weekend sponsored by Quilts by Barb

123 I am one of those girls people that can pack for a weekend and easily spend a week away without having to do laundry. I’m terrible at making decisions…you never know what you’re going to need and what if it’s at home? Well, packing my suitcase of clothes is easy (sweatpants, fleece pants, pajama bottoms, tanks, t-shirts, and hoodies, oh and some clean underwear). My plan is to be cozy and unconcerned about my looks. Now, packing fabric…not so easy.

My plan for the book of circle quilts is to make a little of everything and then create some great bags from my blocks. I’m going to need a lot of options! What to bring?125 I’ve been ‘collecting’ beautiful and fun fabric for the past year or so…now my problem is that I don’t know how to pick what for each project. I guess I’ll have to bring it all! 126 For the ‘mystery’ quilt I plan on doing a grey (black and white), pink (into purples and reds too) and teal (blues and greens) so I have to separate those out. I have determined that I am going to bring at most, two crates full of fabric…I think that’s reasonable…you?

I’ll keep you all posted of my preparation progress.

I will also have lots of jewelry and handmade items for sale at the Christmas Market. If you want a sneak peak at what I’ll be bringing check out theApple and KimsCraftyApple.

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