Friday, November 6, 2009

2009 Quilt Retreat Getaway Weekend and The Christmas Store and Quilt Shop

Hi everyone! The first night of the 2009 Quilt Retreat Getaway Weekend sponsored by Quilts by Barb was a lot of fun! I’m writing this at 1:30 am and I was not even close to being the last one to bed. I’m not going to write too much in this since I really need to go to sleep but I wanted to share some pictures. Tonight I’m just going to share with you some pictures from The Christmas Shop and Quilt Store we have set up. This will be open to the public today from 8am until 5pm at the Baymont Inn in Belmont, WI. quilt retreat 004 Some beautiful hand-dyed fabrics dyed by Barbara Raisbeck and Diane Lapacek.quilt retreat 005 An overall look at some of the beautiful items we have for sale.quilt retreat 008 Jewelry from theApple and Blue Hill By Handquilt retreat 010 Apple cozies, wall hangings, and table runnersquilt retreat 011 Wall hangings, canned items from Lapacek’s Orchard, Body Butters from Zuresh, Christmas decor…quilt retreat 012 Baskets by Becky’s, Cute frames and wall decorations,quilt retreat 013Wide variety of bags quilt retreat 015 Some gorgeous quilted wall hangings…quilt retreat 017 I hadn’t seen these yet and I think they are just beautiful!

Alright…now it is time for me to go to bed. I have to get up EARLY to start sewing and help run The Christmas Store and Quilt Shop (make sure to stock up on all your quilting/sewing needs!). See you in the morning!

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