Saturday, March 21, 2009

More on Barb's Etsy Site!

Yes, the rumors you heard are true...there are tons of new quilts, bags, patterns and signs up on Barb's Etsy Site! I know, how exciting!? I'll be giving a brief description of the newest listings...for more details or to purchase one for yourself please visit Barb's etsy site at

The first quilt I'm going to talk about is ...Flower Power. This quilt is just is a mixture of bright and colorful flannels, brown toned flannels and fun, whimsical teapot printed commercial cotton...what a fabulous combination!

The next one to your right is called the 'Mill Street Mystery Quilt'. Barb put this together for one of her past fall weekend retreats. I actually made one of these myself. It was a really fun project with fabulous results! If you never have put together a mystery quilt before I definitely recommend it. Initially you are told the types of fabrics you need (lights vs darks, etc.) and then you are given a new set of instructions each step of the way. The fabulous part is you don't know what you're making until you're almost done...that's the mystery!

Yes, Barb made the quilt your are seeing to the left...isn't it absolutely gorgeous!? Bargello Trip Around the World has caught many people's eyes and has had 689 views since it's initial listing on February 14th. If you love this quilt I wouldn't wait too long to snatch it up!

If you are always cold in the car the Cozy Car Lap Quilt is perfect for you! I know when I was younger my parents always had it so cold while driving and I would regret it if I forgot to grab a blanket for the journey. This quilt is perfect for keeping you warm with it's mixture of fleece and corduroy!

The quilt to the left is a True Miniature Rag Quilt and was made on a reduced scale of 4:1. It's gorgeous!
Barb used a combination of recycled clothing to create this fabulous Red and Black Upcycled Purse. This would go perfecting with your 'LBD' (little black dress) or even with jeans and a nice shirt!
Looking for something fabulous for your wall? Well, look no farther! Flash of Fire is absolutely stunning with it's convergence background and then layering of fabrics to create a fire look. To finish off the look, gold beads embellish the flames! And of course...the quilting is amazing!

Another beautiful lap quilt to cozy up and read a book with would be Barb's Rainbow Rail Fence. All the fabric was hand-dyed and I feel that it almost has a 'suede-y' look. It is a classic, one-of-a-kind quilt.

Today I've highlighted a few of Barb's newest listings in her etsy shop. I hope you decide to go and look and see what else she has to offer. I think when she returns from her trip to Mexico, a few more items may be going up as well. I'll keep you posted! Have a great weekend!

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